zondag 9 augustus 2015

The top three things I need on Holiday

We all know the obvious things we have to take with us on Holiday. As we slowly start preparing for our summer holiday trip, I was thinking about the things that we hold most precious during our surf trips through Europe. In this post I’ll walk you through the top three.

The Car

We have driven this 2001 Mitsubishi Carisma to countless of places around Europe and has been roadtrip buddy ever since our first trip in 2010. It has so far never let us down. Besides the fact the car is still driving silky smooth, we can also fit near to infinity stuff inside the car. For example if we would take a huge African drum with us, you would barely notice it’s in the car. Occasionally we have to sleep in the car and this is all possible, awesome engineering at Mitsubishi I would say.

The Kitchen

Now I don’t really know what the correct English is for this one, any advice is welcome, but we use a grill wok to cook the food. It’s a device that uses gas like a grill, but has a huge wok pan over it. This makes it super easy for us to make some good food after a day of sporting. A lot of time people walked up to us and said something like “wo, I need to get a thing like that too.” During this trip we will definitely take it with us too!

The boards
Now I always believe that we are quite unusual people when it comes to the board per person ration. Let’s do a small calculation over here.
We do three kind of sports:
  1. 1.       Surfing
  2. 2.       Skimboarding
  3. 3.       Longboarding/Skateboarding

Per person we roughly take one board for each sport and of course one spare board for the trip. So if we go on holiday we have 3+3+3+3 = 12 boards in total making that 4 boards per person. I strongly believe that if you are not into the beachlife this is a lot, but I just assume that every surfer knows this drill.

So these are the three things I will be definitely taking with me to Cornwall on our next roadtrip.

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