zaterdag 18 juli 2015


Yes, I finally got to the point that I have decided what I want to blog about. Now its not really a decision, because it is my own lifestyle, but now I know how to call it!


Why beachlife? And what is beachlife? These are the two questions that ran through my head thinking of the term beachlife. 

Why is not really difficult for me, because I live 500 meters away from the sea and I rather have my feet bearfooting the sand than actually anything else in life.

What is beachlife? To me, beachlife is far more than going to the beach to relax or surf. It covers the lifestyle that comes with it.
Withing this lifestyle we talk a lot about :
  • Going to the beach when we are not there.
  • Waves we caught previous week or previous life.
  • Going on roadtrip and ofcourse roadtripping itself.
  • Surfspots, we always explore new spots and places.
  • Riding longboards or cruizers to the beach.
  • When we buy a new car the point of interest is if we can fit our board, preferably 4.
And within this blog I will be covering these subject. 

So to start off with at this moment, here is picture of me catching a small wave in Malaysia,2 years ago!  

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