dinsdag 21 juli 2015

Connecting to Nature

The beachlife the past weekend was epic. Friday night for a surfsession, Sunday epic skimboard session and yesterday a more laidback skimboard session. Plus 3 on the count of beachdays. Maybe today's topic I can start off with a picture straight from the Instagram of my fellow skimboarder Lourens:

This is the usual landscape we cross when we go for a every day's session. Now this all brings it back to the simple things that I enjoy the most. There is no greater feeling in life than standing on the beach alongside your friends and charging waves. Connecting to nature is the feeling we get from it and the feeling we're pursuing on the winter days. Now to keep this post fairly short here are two impressions of the epic day on the beach on Sunday:

  • Skimboardspot : Vrouwenpolder - The Netherlands
  • Skimboard: Folha Prorider advanced, doublo carbon (link here)
  • Boardshort: Mormaii boardshorts (cuz life's better in boardshorts)
  • Wetsuit top: Quicksilver

1 opmerking:

  1. Never let go the connection c: embrace it fully xx
    Mooie header en achtergrond, het gaat de goede kant op!
    Ice Pandora